Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adramelech - Seven (1998) E.P.

1. Seven
2. The Sleep of Ishtar
3. Captured in Eternal Lost
4. As the Gods Succumed (live)
5. Across the Gray Waters (live)

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Adramelech are certainly one of the most massively underrated death metal bands in the world. Their Debut full length - Psychostasia was nothing short of amazing - a perfect marriage of brutality, technical perfection, excellent songwriting vision and amazing melodies. Yet it never received the recognition it deserved, probably due to a lack of promotion, scarce touring and all the usual things that we've all come to be so familiar with from being in the scene for years"

" This little ep was just to let everyone know they were still around and as a pre-cursor to "Pure Blood Doom" also a great cd. Anyway...What you got was 2 new tracks,1 re-recorded demo track and 2 live songs.....All with the right ingredients...such as downtuned riffing,deep vocals and a bottom heavy production "

Request By Atila

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