Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wargasm - Why Play Around (1988)

1. Wasteland
2. Revenge
3. Bullets & Blades
4. Undead
5. Merritt's Girlfriend
6. Sudden Death
7. Wargasm
8. Le Coucou
9. Humanoid

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" With their debut album Wargasm added some inventive touches to the standard thrash metal formula. For being the band's first release, Why Play Around? is surprisingly mature and filled with incredibly tasty and catchy riffs. The music contains some strong Motorhead influences, which shows in the relaxed sound and bouncy rhythms of many songs on this album "

" Vocally...its different than any other band .....but it fits nicely..catchy thrash songs is what you get here including one of the best thrash anthems ever.."Bullets And Blades"...this shit sticks in your head and you cant help but sing this over and over again...I always thought these guys reminded me of the nwobhm group Tank also equally awesome"

Truly one of the best Thrash Metal albums ever!!!!!!

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